Sati Sangha Retreats

Due to the needs of our sangha, we do not have any retreats schedule in 2021.

We do have plans for retreats online and in person for 2022. Please check back for updates.
For more information about this approach, visit the Sati Sangha website.

On Reflective Meditation Retreats

Our retreats have become gentler and more responsive over the years and informed by our study of power dynamics within Buddhist sanghas. We believe that retreats have the responsibility to foster each person’s meditation practice, and to hold space for independent and critical thinking.

Having done hundreds of retreats between us, we know that while retreats benefit our meditation practice they also have costs. Residential retreats are expensive with retreat center fees, meals, travel and time off work. Other costs may include forgoing time with family and friends, finding pet care, or giving up a well-earned vacation in order to dedicate time for practice. Signing up for a retreat is a big decision.

So, it is not surprising when meditators sign up they are excited about having time off, time for self-discovery, for freedom from mundane responsibilities and then when the time comes to go to the retreat, they may be flooded with all the anxieties, bordering on dread, of the very same things!


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